Stanley/X-acto Knife (anything sharp to cut paper and board)
Metal Ruler 24”
Bone Folder (shown in pictures later on, this is the most important tool, don't buy plastic ones, they snap)
Large Sewing Needle
A compact weight (a box full of change did the trick for me)
Brush for Glueing
3 Jars to stash glue and water.
Set Square (optional but useful)
A slab of wood (optional, you'll understand later on)
/Towel/Hankey to whipe brushes


Book Binding Glue
Linen Thread (Gutterman is good)
Wallpaper Glue
Greyboard (hard board for the cover)
Manila Folders
Buckram/Fabric for the cover
Cotton Tape/Ribbon
Ribbon (for bookmark if desired)
A piece of 80gsm (roughly) cartridge paper
Headbands (coloured strips that go at end of spines, not neccessary but they are decorative, make it looks professional and guard the spine from dust)
Large sheets of scrap paper to glue on.

*I’ve found it difficult to source these things in Australia. Europe or America probably won’t have any problems (names may differ). If your unable find them anywhere I recommend using the internet is apparently good.